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The Google Display Network

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According to hallaminternet.com, a digital marketing agency, states that Google has the largest display network on the internet. Advertisers can display their advertisements in multiple formats that can reach any target audience they wish. Google Display Network accounts for 20% of all AdWords traffic and connects to 92% of all internet users in the United States according to hallaminternet.com. These are significant figures and it is vital that advertisers know how to use Display advertising to reach their targets and promote their brand.

Types of Display Advertising

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There is many formats and options that you can use in the Display Network to advertise your brand. You can use text ads which consist of a headline and a couple lines of text. There is image ads which is a image the will fill an entire ad on your website. You can customize these images layouts and backgrounds. There is also Rich Media Ads which are interactive and have animations that can change depending on the person who is viewing the ad. And last there is video ads that use advertising on a video that a person will watch. An example of this is YouTube.

Targeting on the Display Network

Using the Display Network to narrow your target audience who may be interested in your brand. There is a few ways this can be done by:

Placement Targeting

Placement targeting is when you choose which websites or blogs that you want to show up on. This give you more control on where you want to show up on the Google Display Network. This type of targeting is good to use if you want to target a specific audience or specific interest.

Context Targeting

This type of targeting uses the keywords that you chose that are relevant to your brand. Once you create a comprehensive keyword list, Google will display your ads on related sites to the keywords you picked.

Topic Targeting

With this type of targeting you choose from a list of page topics and your ads will display on those pages related to the chosen topics. There is a risk that your ads will appear on unrelated sites since you cannot pick detailed, specific topics from the list.

Interest Targeting

This type of targeting lets advertisers show users their ads on whatever pages they use. Google will store cookies on the users computers whenever they visit a page within the network. So if a user frequents a page with a specific interest, Google will save that person to a list of people who are interested in that topic.

You can also combine different type of targeting to ensure success in reaching your ad to your target audience.


For more information about the Google Display Network, check out hallaminternet.com and Googles own page about it.

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